HP Storage Essentials Standard Edition SRM Software E-LTU

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HP Storage Essentials Standard Edition Storage Resource Management Software allows IT staff to see the big picture thereby reducing SAN complexity. It supports Windows and Linux servers and smaller HP disk arrays, HP NAS, HP Tape, and fabric devices. HP Standard Edition SRM Software unified server and storage tool-set automates complex and manual storage process and tasks with auto discovery, visualization and topology mapping for quick device identification. The software takes advantage of the latest industry standards such as SMI-S, WBEM, WMI, JBOS and J2EE, demonstrating the solution is interoperable and will support the insertion of 3rd party technology content. HP Standard Edition SRM Software solution integrates with a rich assortment of HP software including Systems Insight Manager, HP Essentials, and HP Storage Essentials Enterprise Edition SRM Software and advanced software plug-ins to reduce the time and money associated with deploying and managing storage infrastructure.

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