HP Smartstart for EVA Storage V2.0 Software E-Media Kit

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HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software is a comprehensive software suite designed to simplify array management and provisioning for the high performance HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family of storage array products. Command View EVA Software proactively manages EVAs with a variety of networked storage devices across distributed SANs. Combined with the HP Systems Insight Manager that ships with each EVA, Command View EVA Software provides enterprises with the industry's most comprehensive unified storage and server management solution for both managing and monitoring EVAs. For visualizing the big SAN picture and reducing SAN complexity HP Storage Essentials Standard Edition SRM software simplifies managing EVA with SAN infrastructure. Now included with EVA solutions the SRM software helps midsize businesses with small to medium HP storage-based SANs affordably gain control of their SAN inventory.

Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, Standard Edition and Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Advanced Server, (SP3, SP4) (32-bit)
Minimum system requirements:
HP StorageWorks EVA disk arrays
Browser supported:
Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1, HP's Mozilla 1.7.3, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 1.0.7, Mozilla 1. 7.3, Mozilla 1.7, Mozilla 1.7.5
Compatible products:
HP StorageWorks EVA disk arrays
Hardware prerequisites:
HP StorageWorks EVA disk arrays
Installation server prerequisites:
Microsoft Windows Server: Processor - 1.26 GHZ (minimum), Memory - 2 GB (minimum), Free Disk Space - 200 MB for installation, plus 10MB for each managed array, EVA supported HBA
Technical features:
Easily provision storage and replicate data - Agility: Instantly create Vdisks and add capacity online, Dynamically grow existing LUNs online, Quickly add physical disk drives online with just the right amount of capacity for immediate use, Instant creati

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