HP Openview Storage Virtual Replicator v4.0 5 Upgrade

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HP OpenView Storage Virtual Replicator server-based virtualization enables users to erase the physical boundaries of their storage units and provide flexible, simplified storage management for Microsoft Windows environments. Users can consolidate physical storage into pools of capacity. This pooled capacity is available for applications and users via virtual disks tailored for the capacity needs of the organisation. Virtual Replicator allows users to create instant, space efficient snapshots for multiple purposes. As an example, a snapshot allows customers to perform backups and restores with minimal impact to users and applications. The Online Volume Growth feature provides the ability to expand a virtual disk or a basic disk on Windows platforms without reboot. Virtual Replicator reduces backup and restore timeframes from hours to minutes, improving data and application availability, maximising utilisation of resources and reducing the cost and complexity of managing storage.

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