HP OpenView Storage Operations Manager EVA5000 Migration Unlimited Capacity per EVA LTU

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HP OpenView Storage Operations Manager is a comprehensive and efficient EVA and SAN management solution, combining into one offering the power of Command View EVA and Storage Node Manager from the HP OpenView Storage Area Manager suite. Storage Operations Manager will identify, configure, monitor, and manage HP StorageWorks EVAs in a single SAN and across distributed heterogeneous implementations. Its device discovery technology automatically identifies and visually monitors all heterogeneous storage devices, including network (SAN and NAS), direct-attached storage, and their infrastructure from a central console. With the Storage Operations Manager solution, the foundation and core services for HP OpenView Storage Area Manager (SAM) are installed, thus enabling administrators to easily extend the solution to include performance management, usage, cost, and growth management for EVAs, disk, tape, direct-attached, and network storage infrastructures as an option.

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