Panasonic i-PRO

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- Supports 16:9 video stream and 16:9 HD monitor. Displays 16:9 and 4:3 videos from IP cameras on the same screen.
- H.264 recording data in the SD/SDHC momory card can be downloaded.
- Convert file format from n3r (proprietary format) to MP4.
- Up to 100 recorders, 64 encoders and 256 directly connected cameras can be registered. Up to 6,400 cameras registered in the recorders and 256 cameras registered in the encoders are automatically registered in the WV-ASM200 (the number of the cameras depends on the recorder and encoder).
- Live images can be received directly from the camera/encoder or via the recorder enabling flexible network design.
- Up to 16x 30 ips/camera images can be displayed in H.264 1.5 Mbps mode (VGA: Normal quality mode) or MPEG-4 2 Mbps mode (VGA: Normal quality mode, QVGA: High quality mode, depending on the camera and camera setup).
- Up to 400 camera groups: Cameras and multiscreen mode for the Operation Display can be programmed and called up by manual or sequence operation.
- 1-screen/4-screen PTZ compensation function(hereinafter compensation function) from thefish-eye images of the Panasonic 360-degree network cameras (WV-SF438/WV-SF448/WV-SW458).
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 8.1 Pro (32/64-bit)\nWindows 8 Pro (32/64-bit)\nWindows 7 Professional SP1 (32/64-bit)\nWindows Vista Business (32/64-bit)
Minimum processor:
Intel Core i5-2400, 2500, Intel Core i7-860+
Minimum RAM:
3072 MB
Minimum system requirements:
Fast Ethernet\nVGA 1280 x 800 px, 24-bit, 512MB\nDirectX 9.0c+\nIE 7.0+