HP MFP Digital Sending Software 4.0

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HP DSS 4 quickly and securely integrates paper documents into existing electronic processes, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Manage the sending functions of multiple HP devices via a centralised HP configuration utility.

- Improve efficiency with streamlined document capture, processing and routing. Digitised paper documents eliminate costs associated with physical storage, manual re-typing and hard copy distribution via analogue fax, post and courier
- Digitise and send information quickly and easily from supported HP digital sending devices to network folders, printers and fax services. Advanced administration tools enable accurate tracking, error alerts and custom user prompts
- Leverage your existing IT infrastructure – network authentication, e-mail addresses and fax services – for rapid return on investment. Advanced features work with your own network security to ensure secure sending and receipt

HP DSS 4 is compatible with: HP CLJ9500mfp, CLJ4730mfp, LJ9040mfp, LJ9050mfp, LJ4345mfp, and HP 9200c Digital Sender. HP DSS 4 is backward compatible with HP LJ4100mfp/LJ9000mfp for Authentication, Workflow and LAN/Internet fax support only.
HP CLJ9500mfp, CLJ4730mfp, LJ9040mfp, LJ9050mfp, LJ4345mfp\nHP 9200c