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Industry Leader in Secure Thin-Client Management

Easily manage thin clients in your organization, regardless of their location with the industry's most comprehensive and secure thin client management solution.

- Wyse Device Manager (WDM) provides;
- Secure HTTPS based communications;
- Powerful device policy and configuration management;
- Real-time asset management and health-monitoring based on industry-standard SQL database;
- Remote imaging including optimization remote software repositories;
- Administration delegation for 3rd party support staff;
- Wyse Device Manager Workgroup edition comes bundled with all Wyse thin computers. This version of the software provides comprehensive management control for smaller installations;

The powerful Enterprise edition delivers increased device management capabilities, and scales up to hundreds of thousands of clients.

No Hassle Management
Wyse Device Manager 4.8 Workgroup Edition is targeted for SMB organizations who want a simple and robust solution to manage cloud clients. Workgroup Edition utilizes Microsoft Management Console snap-in and provides a familiar environment for IT professionals.

- Workgroup Edition features;
- Support up to 750 clients;
- Centralized management;
- Remote software imaging;
- Device grouping for policy and configuration management;
- Remote device monitoring / shadowing;
- Real-time asset management and reporting using Microsoft SQL Express Database;
- Device image cloning for deployment to multiple devices;
- OS Compression;
- Reduces OS image download time, bandwidth consumption by up to 60%;
- WAN Capable Imaging and Enhanced Asset Management;
- OS Imaging without PXE (Non-PXE imaging;
- Supports fully qualified domain names (FQDN);
- Mass Imaging tool;
- A new simple tool to custom-image devices with 3 clicks prior to deployment;
- Script builder utility;
- Simplifies creation and editing of WDM scripting packages.

Wyse Device Manager 4.8 Workgroup Edition is free of charge for Wyse thin client installations.
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