Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services, 12m, 105-250u

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Restore infected clients to full operational health with Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services (DCS). DCS removes spyware, rootkits, worms, virus remnants and trojans that can elude typical antivirus solutions. DCS also repairs system registries and memory, reducing the administration and time costs associated with threat outbreaks.

Key Features
- Removes malware from local and remote clients and servers automatically
- Identifies infected clients by specific IP address and machine name to support comprehensive cleanup
- Can be deployed in agentless version managed by Trend Micro Control Manager
- Integrates with Trend Micro OfficeScan for automatic cleanup via scheduled scans
- Integrates with Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis and Response System to provide infection removal for Windows-based systems
- Eases administrative burden when used with Outbreak Prevention Services

Threat Protection
- Blended threats
- Spyware
- Rootkits
- Viruses
- Trojans
- Worms

Protection Points
- Messaging gateway
- Internet gateway
- File servers
- Clients
Language version:
License quantity:
105 - 250 user(s)
Number of years:
1 year(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Microsoft Windows NT 4 (SP 6a),\nMicrosoft Windows 2000 Server /Advanced Server (SP3),\nMicrosoft Windows Server 2003,\nWindows 2000 Professional (SP3),\nWindows XP Professional
Minimum hard disk space (server):
300 MB
Minimum processor (server):
1 GHz