SonicWALL Bare Metal Restore/Local Archiving for CDP Series - Workstation (1 License)

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Each minute of downtime in today’s business environment is money wasted. In fact, an extended down-time can actually doom a small to medium-sized organization. Gartner Group estimates that two out of every five businesses experiencing downtime from a disaster will be out of business in 5 years. Taking backup and disaster recovery seriously is the only real insurance against this possibility. Organizations of all sizes rely on servers, desktops and laptops to run their business and retain key business data. However, systems malfunction, software becomes corrupted, viruses spread and natural disasters occur. After such an event, most organizations are not prepared to quickly resume operations to ensure the organization is up and running as quickly as possible.

Whether an entire network, a single server or an important file is lost, the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is always the same—immediate. To backup data continuously, automatically and easily, the SonicWALL® CDP Series appliances are the most effective solution. SonicWALL CDP can also expand protection to include operating systems, applications and system configurations with addition of the SonicWALL CDP Bare Metal Recovery Solution. With the combination of the CDP appliance, CDP Bare Metal Recovery plus the CDP Offsite Data Backup Service, SonicWALL provides comprehensive data protection that is needed by any small and medium sized organization’s network. SonicWALL CDP Bare Metal Recovery has been specifically optimized in an OEM arrangement with a leading software vendor—Acronis.

Features and Benefits

- Simple, fast recovery of whole system or individual files restores an entire PC, including the operating system, applications and user settings without having to relocate and reinstall any original software, perfect for disaster recovery, backup and archiving.

- Comprehensive driver support helps ensure that the bootable rescue media supports new hardware and legacy systems alike.

- Bootable rescue media created on CD or USB flash key eliminates the need to locate additional CDs and floppies and it contains everything required to begin restoration of the system.

- Exact images of drives or any set of partitions creates maximum backup and recovery options. The images backed up by the CDP appliance and

- Offsite Service, include everything on the drive or partition imaged, avoiding the time-consuming task of locating all your application CDs and registration codes to reinstall programs.

- Machine-independence allows restoration to hardware other than the original machine.

- Unique open-file snapshot technology renders an exact image without shutting down a system, closing most applications or interrupting operations. Individual file and folder restorations ensures there is no need to restore the whole partition or disk. Non-system partitions can be restored without a reboot.

- No dependence on 3rd party software means that neither Microsoft.Net, nor any other extraneous software needs to be maintained separately; thus time and resources are maximized and all support questions are product specific.

- Sector-by-sector “raw image” capability allows imaging of not only sectors with data, but also sectors that are free. Thus, all sectors of a partition are included in the image and will be restored whether or not they are directly supported by SonicWALL Bare Metal Recovery or corrupted.
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Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, 2003 Server x64, 2000 Advanced Server, 2000 Server & NT 4.0 Server\nMicrosoft Windows XP Professional, XP Professional x64, 2000 Professional, NT 4.0 SP4, 98, ME
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