HP StorageWorks Cont Access XP 1TB (16-36TB)LTU

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HP StorageWorks XP Continuous Access Software provides real-time array-to-array data replication for HP StorageWorks XP Disk Arrays. This software is part of HP’s comprehensive suite of business continuity and availability solutions that enable you to maintain constant access to your data, even if access to a site is lost. HP XP Continuous Access Software products are integrated with server clustering software solutions to provide the highest levels of availability and disaster tolerance. To protect your business from disasters of any size, whether local or wide-area, you can create 3 Data Center disaster recovery solutions, with one data center located a continent away. And if you simply need to move data from one location to another, or from one generation of HP XP Disk Array to another, HP XP Continuous Access Software provides a reliable high-performance data migration solution.

• Maintain operations in times of crisis by keeping on line copies of your critical data at alternate data centers.

• Save money on monthly telecommunication costs with HP StorageWorks XP Continuous Access Journal. Because it uses a high-capacity disk-based sidefile, HP XP Continuous Access Journal allows you to size telecommunication links closer to the average I/O rate, and you can tolerate longer link outages.