HP StorageWorks Cluster Extension XP Software Linux LTU

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HP StorageWorks XP Cluster Extension Software offers protection against system downtime to critical applications for enterprise customers using the HP StorageWorks XP Disk Array family. It allows for hands-free failover/failback decision-making as it detects failures and automatically manages recovery without human intervention. Offering comprehensive disaster tolerance against application downtime from fault, failure, or site disaster by extending clusters between data centers; it is the most feature rich product in the HP StorageWorks Cluster Extension Software portfolio. HP XP Cluster Extension Software resurrects your critical applications at a remote site within minutes after an event over both metropolitan and global distances. Working seamlessly with your open-system clustering software, HP StorageWorks XP Continuous Access Software and your XP Disk Array storage system it automates fail-over and fail-back between sites.

Powerfully Simple Disaster Recovery

• Provides hands-free failover and failback decision-making because it detects failures and automatically manages recovery without human intervention.

Comprehensive and Reliable

• Monitors and recovers disk pair synchronization on an application level.

Supports Multiple Environments

• Assures highest standards in data integrity by maximizing the advantages of XP Continuous Access Software.
Applications supported:
XP12000/10000, XP1024/128, XP512/48, RM v.1.19.04 or later (for XP Continuous Access Journal support)
Client prerequisites:
Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX
Replication distance:
Replication features:
Supported hardware environment:
XP24000/20000, 12000/10000 (CA-Journal support), Legacy XP arrays (XP1024/XP128, XP512/XP48) general XP CLX support
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 2003: Enterprise Edition SP1, (x32, x64, IA64-bit), Enterprise Edition R2 (x32, x64-bit), Datacenter Edition (IA64-bit), Enterprise Edition, Enterprise Edition SP2 (x32, x64, IA64-bit), RedHat Enterprise Linux 4, Linux RHEL4 (x32, x64), SuSE Enter
Minimum system requirements:
Minimum two StorageWorks XP arrays, Minimum two FC switches (per site), Dual or single inter-site links - FC, WDM, FC-IP as appropriate, Minimum two FC adapters per cluster node or one dual channel FC adapter per cluster node, Minimum two node cluster (on
Dimensions (WxDxH):
222.3 x 6.4 x 142.9 mm
22.22 cm (8.75")
0.227 kg (0.5 lb)

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