HP 3PAR Remote Copy S800/4x1TB Nearline Magazine LTU

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Do you want the ability to replicate data to remote locations more efficiently and cost effectively?; HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software provides enterprise and cloud data centers with autonomic replication and disaster recovery technology that allows the protection and sharing of data from any application simply, efficiently, and affordably. Remote Copy Software dramatically reduces the cost of remote data replication and disaster recovery by leveraging thin copy technology, enabling multi-site and multi-mode replication with both midrange and high-end arrays, and reducing the need for professional services.; HP Remote Copy Software offers fast, autonomic disaster recovery configuration set up and testing in minutes, from a single window. With support for synchronous long distance replication, customers now have an affordable, multi-site alternative for achieving low recovery time objectives (RTOs) and zero-data-loss recovery point objectives (RPOs) with complete distance flexibility.

Uniquely Powerful Yet Simple Replication Solution

• With HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software, even multi-site, multi-mode disaster recovery can be set up and tested in minutes from a single HP 3PAR InForm Management Console window.

Highly Efficient and Flexible Implementation

• The HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software offers synchronous or asynchronous periodic mode replication and one-to-one, N-to-1, 1-to-N, or synchronous long distance remote copy configuration for flexible and efficient multi-site disaster recovery.

Virtual Server, Application, and Cloud Solution Integration Simplifies Disaster Recovery

• The combination of HP 3PAR Remote Copy Software, HP 3PAR Replication Adapter Software for VMware vCenter SRM, and VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager™ (SRM) enable simple, efficient, and affordable disaster recovery management across data centers that use VMware vSphere.
Supported hardware environment:
HP 3PAR Storage Systems
Dimensions (WxDxH):
222.3 x 6.4 x 143 mm