SonicWALL Email Anti-Virus (Kaspersky And Time Zero) - 5000 Users - 1 Server - 1 Year

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Most anti-virus products rely primarily on signatures to stop viruses. These signatures are based on known viruses. Relying solely on this method leaves a dangerous window between the time a virus first appears and the time a signature is developed and deployed. At the moment the outbreak occurs—"Time Zero"—a virus has the opportunity to do significant damage to your computer system. Every passing minute until a signature arrives is enough time for a virus to multiply exponentially and compromise another portion of your network.

SonicWALL's breakthrough Time Zero Anti-Virus Technology provides predictive virus defense complemented with responsive techniques to stop viruses as soon as they emerge. These techniques are enhanced by SonicWALL's decisive dual-engine signature technology of partners Kaspersky. With SonicWALL Time Zero Virus Technology, e-mails potentially containing new viruses are identified and safely quarantined, while known viruses are blocked by virus signatures.

1 Predictive Techniques

New e-mail viruses on the Internet are stopped using SonicWALL's predictive techniques which perform statistical e-mail and attachment analysis, detect deceptive files, and check for MIME exploits. This approach can identify seemingly innocent files that may be harboring malicious code.

2 Responsive Techniques

SonicWALL rapidly responds to virus outbreaks by focusing on their delivery vehicle—suspicious e-mails. SonicWALL applies its Self Monitoring Active Response Team (SMART) Network, an over-one-million-user, real-time network that automatically engages in detecting and thwarting new threats. E-mails identified by SonicWALL SMART Network that contain dangerous attachments are immediately and safely quarantined.

Virus Signatures

SonicWALL's multi-layer defense against viruses adds decisive protection through virus signatures.

3 Decisive Techniques

SonicWALL's innovative Time Zero Virus Technology is complemented with leading anti-virus engines from partners Kaspersky. These anti-virus engines have a comprehensive set of signatures to prevent previously identified viruses from causing damage to computer systems. SonicWALL customers can select protection from one or both of these partners. Having a leading anti-virus signature engines ensures that customers will receive signatures quickly, safely blocking viruses.

Kaspersky is a technology leader and acknowledged expert in the development of anti-virus signatures. In tests conducted on 24 leading anti-virus vendors, Kaspersky was the fastest to create and deploy signatures.

Inbound & Outbound Protection

SonicWALL applies its breakthrough anti-virus techniques to both inbound and outbound e-mails to ensure that dangerous attachments are not being sent from within the company. SonicWALL Anti-Virus keeps the network safe and enables the enterprise to maintain a reputation of safe outbound e-mail.
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