Kaspersky Lab Total Space Security, EU ED, 100-149u, 2Y, EDU RNW

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Multi-layer protection for workstations / smartphones / file servers / mail servers / groupware servers / Internet gateways
The ultimate solution, with integrated protection for all nodes in networks of any size or complexity. Exercises control over all incoming and outgoing data - including email, web traffic and all network interactions. The product ensures secure and fast access to company information resources and the Internet, as well as secure communications via email.

- Workstations
- File servers
- Mail and groupware servers
- Internet gateways
- Smartphones

- Integrated, proactive protection from viruses, spyware, hacker attacks and spam
- Scanning of web traffic (HTTP/FTP) in real-time
- Quarantine of infected workstations
- Blocking of virus epidemics
- Centralised management and status reporting

Additional Features
- Centralised installation and administration
- Support for Cisco® NAC (Network Admission Control)
- Support for hardware proxy appliances
- Filtration of internet traffic according to lists of trusted servers, object types and user groups
- iSwift technology prevents unnecessary repeat scans of data
- Intelligent redistribution of resources during full system scans
- Personal firewall within IDS and IPS
- Security when working on any type of network, including WiFi
- Protection from phishing and spam attacks
- Remote treatment using Intel® Active Management (Intel® vPro™)
- Roll back of malicious changes made to the system
- Self-defence against attacks by malware
- Full support for 64-bit platforms
- Automatic database updates
License quantity:
100 - 149 user(s)
License type:
Education (EDU)
Number of years:
2 year(s)
Software type:
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 7 Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate \nWindows XP/2000/Vista\nWindows 98SE/Me/NT\nLinux\nNetWare\nFreeBSD
Mac compatibility:
Minimum hard disk space:
300 MB
Minimum processor:
800 MHz
Minimum RAM:
512 MB
Minimum system requirements:

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