Kaspersky Lab Security for Internet Gateway, 15-19U, 1Y, EDU

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Security for Internet Gateway
Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway provides secure Internet access for all employees in an organization, automatically removing malicious and potentially hostile programs from incoming HTTP/FTP traffic.
Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway supports all versions of the main firewalls. Optimization technology, scalability and support for the latest platforms make it the ideal product for large organizations with huge volumes of traffic.

Product Highlights:
- Real-time scanning of Internet traffic (via HTTP/FTP protocols)
- Integrated protection from all types of malicious programs
- Protection from malicious programs distributed via IM (ICQ, MSN, etc.)
- Detection of potentially hostile programs
- Supports Microsoft ISA Server
- Supports Squid, Blue Coat, and Cisco proxy servers
- Wide choice of traffic filtration parameters
- Load balancing of server processors

Additional Features:
- Centralized installation, management and updates
- Scalability
- Prevents repeat scans of messages
- Backup storage of data prior to disinfection or deletion
- Comprehensive reports on network protection status
Bundled software:
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Check Point FireWall-1\nKaspersky Anti-Virus for Microsoft ISA Server\nKaspersky Anti-Virus for Proxy Server\nKaspersky Administration Kit
License quantity:
15 - 19 user(s)
License type:
Education (EDU)
Number of years:
1 year(s)
Compatible operating systems:
Windows 2000 Professional SP 4 +\nWindows XP Professional Edition SP 2 +\nWindows 2000 Server SP 4 +\nWindows 2000 Advanced Server SP 4 +\nWindows Server 2003 +
Mac compatibility:
Minimum hard disk space:
1024 MB
Minimum processor:
Intel Pentium 300 MHz
Minimum RAM:
512 MB