V7 GU5542

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A Bright Way to Save

V7 replacement projector lamps offer the very highest quality. All V7 lamps feature genuine bulbs from the original manufacturers to ensure the brightest light, the best color reproduction and the longest burn time. The wide selection of projector lamps is fully compatible with many of today’s leading manufacturer models.

In an aftermarket marred by under-performing products, V7 lamps provide a safe option to lower costs without compromising quality, reliability or longevity.

- Range — V7 lamps are available for many popular projector models.
- Availability — V7 holds stock of lamps at regional warehouses for immediate delivery.
- Prices — V7 lamp prices offer significant savings over OEM branded products.
- Performance — V7 lamps use the same bulbs as OEM for identical high performance.
- Warranty — V7 offers six-month lamp warranties (double the length from most OEM).
Projection Design F2, F2 SX+
Lamp power:
Service life of lamp:

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