HP L1695A projection lamp

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Treat your audience to a smooth presentation with this reliable, 210-watt HP backup lamp module. Stay nimble and proactive during your presentations in the event of unexpected burnouts.

- To leave a lasting, professional impression with your audience, be prepared for unexpected burnouts. Prevent distracting interruptions during your presentation with this backup lamp module for your HP vp6300 Digital Projector series
- Enjoy the convenience of this easy-to-install lamp module, built to integrate seamlessly with your HP vp6300 Digital Projector series. With quick and simple installation, this lamp module has you up and running in minutes
- Get extreme long-lasting, professional performance from this HP lamp module, thanks to a lamp life of 4000 hours. Use your projector in lamp saver mode and extend life up to a staggering 8000 hours
Brand compatibility:
Bulb power:
210 W
Service life of lamp:
4000 h

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