Nobo 1902604 projector case

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The Nobo DLP Carry Case M2 has been specially designed to carry your Nobo M2 Mini Projector, power lead, cables and included stand, i.e. the key components of the ultra-portable Nobo M2 Mini Projector system. It comes complete with a height-adjustable M2 Mini Projector stand so you can carry everything you need to set up a professional presentation in one hand.

Manufactured from strong, hardwearing, water-resistant Neoprene in smart shades of grey and red, the Nobo DLP Carry Case M2 contains multiple accessory pockets designed to cushion and protect each component. It zips open along 3 sides to lie flat for quick and easy access to the contents.

Simply slot in your projector, stand, power lead and cables and this professional case, with integral carry handle, will ensure that your M2 Mini Projector equipment remains together and in pristine condition as you travel to your presentation venue.
Colour of product:
Nobo M2
Dimensions (WxDxH):
220 x 25 x 250 mm

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