Canon LV-IL05

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The Canon LV-IL05 Standard Zoom Lens works with the Canon LV-7590 LCD projector, which is designed for medium-to-large venues like boardrooms and theater instillations. It features power focus and zoom, with a zoom ratio of 1.3:1. It also has vertical and horizontal lens shift for moving the image up or down and left or right, which increases flexibility during instillation. The LV-IL05 projects well-defined, vivid images up to 400", ensuring that even in a large venue everyone will be able to see your presentation. It's a versatile standard-throw lens, suitable for several venues and a range of applications.

Powered Zoom & Focus
The LV-IL05 is a powered optical zoom lens with a 1:1.3 zoom ratio. Its focal length is 48.2 - 62.6 mm

Vertical & Horizontal Lens Shift
Vertical lens shift allows the projector to optically move the image up and down so the projector will always be properly placed, even in varying installation scenarios. Horizontal lens shift works the same way for side-to-side movement. Unlike digital keystone correction, lens shift doesn't degrade the image quality

Standard-Throw Ratio
The LV-IL05's throw ratio is 1:1.77 - 2.3. This adds to the versatility of the lens. It can work in smaller mid-range venues, but it can handle the demands of a larger venue as well

Sufficient Projection Size
The LV-IL05 is capable of projecting a 400" diagonal image, which makes it an ideal lens for medium-to-large venues. Its minimum focus range is 55.2", so it can be used for more intimate applications as well
Aperture range (F-F):
1.7 - 2
Focal length range (f-f):
48.2 - 62.6 mm
Projection distance:
1.4 - 14.7m
Throw ratio:
1:1.77 - 2.3
Zoom ratio:
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