HP Inkjet Automatic Two-sided Printing Accessory

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Realise the full potential of your existing printer and transform it into a high-productivity, duplex-capable system ideal for producing professional-quality marketing materials. Print, impressive two-sided brochures, leaflets, reports and more.

Create professional-quality, two-sided marketing materials and presentations in any size from A6 up to A3+ (330 x 482 mm). Print on a wide range of media types including plain, photo and brochure papers.

Get more done in the working day. Leave documents to print both sides while you get on with more valuable work. Reliable, automatic printing means no need to monitor print progress or manually flip and re-feed sheets.

Save time, paper and money with two-sided printing. Cut your paper costs by as much as 50%, lessen your impact on the environment and minimise your office storage requirements too.

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