ASUS WL-320gE wireless access point

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The WL-320gE wireless access point provides up to 850m of open space coverage range. The AP also enables client, bridge, repeater and gateway functions to offer versatile wireless solutions for different WLAN environments.

Reception sensitivity and coverage range
With built-in high-power amplifier with 20dBm average transmit power and 5dBi high-gain antenna, the WL-320gE delivers excellent signal quality and coverage range up to 850 meters in open space. This is especially effective when in access point modes, which signal quality and coverage range play critical roles.

Enterprise Network Solution
The WL-320gE supports most enterprise network requirement, including SNMP, Multiple SSID and VLAN. SNMP standard (v3) support allows system administrators to manage multiple access points from remote locations. Furthermore multiple SSID and VLAN support offer a cost-effective solution to separate the physical environment into a virtual networking area with different security level for a wide range of application requirements.

5-in-1 Wireless Solution
The ASUS WL-320gE AP works as a repeater, a bridge, a client and a gateway.
Repeater mode: Repeat signal from root access point for those who are looking to extend signal range in spacious environments.
Bridge mode: Connect up to four WLANs to enable network installation for multiple application mapping.
Client mode: Unwire devices, including notebooks, PC and game consoles through RJ-45 cable connection.
Gateway modes: Support DHCP, NAT, PPPoE, PPTP and firewall to deliver an excellent and flexible gateway solution.

LED indicator
LED "LINK" indicates AP signal strength and client connection with blinks, steady glow or blank.

Site Survey
In Station and Repeater modes, "AP Scan" collects comprehensive AP information and selects the most appropriate AP for best connection
Antenna gain level (max):
5 dBi
I/O ports:
Indoor range:
40 m
Outdoor range:
600 m
Supported data transfer rates:
6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54
2.4 GHz:
Channels quantity:
Data transfer rate (max):
54 Mbit/s
Frequency band:
Power over Ethernet (PoE) support:
Management protocols:
Authentication method:
MAC address filtering:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
110 x 165 x 30 mm

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