D-Link DSD-150 Internet Security Adapter

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D-Link's SECURESPOT 2.0 Internet Security Adapter (DSD-150) is a complete, managed Internet security solution that provides the easiest and most affordable way to protect your family, computer, data and personal information from the many dangers and security threats of the Internet. Unique to other consumer software or hardware solutions, SECURESPOT 2.0 is a hosted security service that protects at both the network and computer layers, replacing the need for separate solutions. This multilayer technology used by large companies is now available to the home user - all in a palm-sized box.

Unique Graphical Remote Management Console
At the heart of the system is an industry first - a web-based, graphical management console that remotely communicates with the DSD-150 security appliance, and protected computers. Eliminating the need to physically log in to each and every device in your home, the easy-to-use remote console allows you to view protected PC's on a network map, and monitor or configure SECURESPOT 2.0 services, even when you're away from home.

World Class Parental Controls
Safeguarding your entire home with world class parental controls not only prevents objectionable content from entering, but protects all users from malicious web sites that can infect your computers or phishing sites that steal your family's personal and financial information. The DSD-150 with SECURESPOT 2.0 utilizes a database of 62 million URLs representing hundreds of million's of web pages, updated with an average of 20,000 URLs daily to provide comprehensive protection that keeps pace with the dynamic nature of the Internet. An industry leading 81 categories provide unprecedented ability to customize the pre-configured settings. Alerts can notify parents via email or text messages when pages with objectionable content are blocked, and URL reporting allows monitoring of online activity remotely. Schedule Internet usage by day/time for PC's as well as game consoles.

The DSD-150 with SECURESPOT 2.0 not only takes the load off the PC, but controls Internet activity at the central point of access for the connected home to deliver stronger protection than software solutions, and to regulate all Internet-capable devices in the home, such as the 150M+ network-enabled game consoles.

Unique to other consumer software or hardware solutions, the DSD-150 with SECURESPOT 2.0 is a hosted security service that protects at both the network and computer layers, replacing the need for separate solutions. This multilayer technology used by large companies is now available to the home user. The Web Service Layer manages your home network security with real-time updates of content filtering, antivirus, spyware, and spam databases. It also provides remote management with a web-based console. The SECURESPOT Layer from the DSD-150 provides network perimeter protection with its firewall, content filtering, scheduling, application control, and reporting. The Computer Layer provides endpoint security with McAfee antivirus and spyware detection and removal, pop-up control, and application control.

Instead of engaging in the time-consuming task of installing bulky applications on every PC, simply activate the SECURESPOT 2.0 services on your DSD-150 and every notebook, desktop, game console or WiFi-enabled device on your network will be protected. To provide complete protection on each PC and individually managed its policies, SECURESPOT 2.0 prompts users to install a small application running McAfee Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware. At 2.8MBs for the download, the application is a fraction of the size of traditional PC Anti-Virus applications and uses far fewer resources while providing McAfee's proven Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection. The SECURESPOT 2.0 client application will also protect your notebook computer, when it's away from home. The DSD-150 comes with licenses to protect up to four computers. If you have more than four computers in your home, you can purchase additional user licenses online.

Simplify the way you protect your home or small business from malware, network attacks, and hackers with the all-in-one DSD-150 Internet Security Adapter, now with SECURESPOT 2.0.

The DSD-150 with SECURESPOT 2.0 is a comprehensive Internet security and parental control solution that proactively protects ALL networked devices in the home. It is not limited to safeguarding PCs only, like traditional Internet Security Suites. The DSD-150 protects all Internet and browser-enabled devices in the Digital Home such as Game Consoles (Microsoft® Xbox 360®, Nintendo® Wii®, Sony® PSP®, PS3, etc.), WiFi-enabled Mobile Phones and PDAs, and MP3 players such as the iPod Touch. It completely replaces your existing Internet Security Suite with simple, all-in-one, whole-home protection that you can remotely manage anywhere/anytime.

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