LevelOne VOI-9300

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- Supports 100 extensions/voicemail accounts, 30 concurrent calls
- Features a Web-Calling feature for online interactivity
- Features a built-in VPN Server
- 4 FXO ports for PSTN connection
- Supports ITU-T G.711a/u, GSM/MS-GSM, G.729A/B, VAD and CNG speech codec
- Features a interactive voice response feature and Voice Message Recording
- Features a built-in SIP proxy register server
- Provides Call Detail Record (CDR

Product Overview
The LevelOne VOI-9300 is a feature rich SIP IP PBX offering PBX services and VoIP telephony management in one device. It can support a telephone network of up to 100 extensions making 30 simultaneous calls. The VOI-9300 features, an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR), 4-FXO ports for PSTN connectivity, Call Detail Recording (CDR), secured VPN server, a built-in Voice Mail server as well as all class 5 traditional PBX functions.

The PBX for a Global Virtual Office
The LevelOne VOI-9300 SIP IP PBX is central VoIP Server and management point for deploying a cost-effective IP-based office phone network for either a global virtual office or small-to-medium business companies. It offers complete and easy integration with PSTN and current office networks while providing manageability of both legacy and IP networks to facilitate administration locally or remotely.

The VOI-9300 allows for typical single-site or diverse multi-site configuration between different office locations. The IP PBX combines the intranet data network with an ADSL/Cable connection to make calls over the Internet through PSTN subscription network via 4-FXO ports. This feature allows the VOI-9300 to combine PSTN networks and data networks into a single manageable and converged network for a comprehensive total call management solution.

Built-in Suite of PBX and Voice Applications
The LevelOne VOI-9300 provides call control and media relay services to SIP clients, while featuring a built-in suite of PBX and voice applications for costeffective supplementary services.

The IP PBX provides SIP Registrar, SIP Outbound Proxy with media relay, SIP Gateway (FXO) and SIP PBX functions for extension calling and forwarding. The VOI-9300 features an auto attendant Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, IVR Voice Mail and Meet-Me Conferencing voice applications.

Advance Features
Among the advanced features of the VOI-9300 are flexible Queuing Settings and Call Record Query.

Waiting queues can be configured with the Web browse interface to allow incoming calls to be assigned based on rules of each extension number. The IP PBX provides 4 call waiting queue configurations.

The VOI-9300 IP PBX store call records for 2 months that are retrievable by individual extension number or collectively. The VOI-9300 features a USB port for exporting this information onto a portable USB interface storage devices.

User Friendly Web Based Management
The VOI-9300 IP PBX is monitored and managed locally or remotely managed over the Internet. Fault monitoring, performance management, configuration, new extension registration and changes to current settings are all controlled locally or remotely via a user f friendly web-based user interface.
Caller ID:
DSL connection type:
LED indicators:
LAN, Power, WAN
Power LED:
Web-based management:
DHCP server:
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
0 - 95%
Operating temperature (T-T):
0 - 50 °C
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports:
VoIP protocols:
IETF RFC3261, RFC 2543
Authentication method:
IETF RFC2069, RFC 2617

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