Intel AXXRMM2 remote management adapter

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Streamline server administration by adding the Intel® Remote Management Module 2 (Intel® RMM2) accessory. Intel RMM2 removes time and distance barriers by giving you a virtual IT presence. Now you can securely gain access and control of servers and other devices from any machine on the network—any place, any time.

The Intel® RMM2 has been designed to help maximize the efficiency of IT administrators. The Intel RMM2 provides IT staff with remote server management that can be leveraged at nearly every stage in the server lifecycle in businesses of all sizes. The Intel RMM2 can be used for the initial server set-up, on-going production monitoring and troubleshooting, and for server recovery and maintenance.

With the Intel RMM2, administrators have secure remote access to full screen KVM features. Monitoring hardware health, complete power control, and software installation/maintenance can be achieved without ever having to visit the server. The Intel RMM2 also sends system administrators notifications via email of system changes.

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