LevelOne 4FXS and 4FXO H.323/SIP Gateway

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The LevelOne VOI-8003 is a cost-effective VoIP telephone gateway for small and medium sized businesses, remote and branch offices that want to integrate a VoIP system into an existing office phone system. Its dual FXS and FXO ports allow users to plan their telephone network with more flexibility, integrating both VoIP and landline calls on one phone system.

The VOI-8003 VoIP gateway is both SIP and H.323 standard compliant enabling users to make calls in both standards at the same time through the different ports available. The Gateway also includes a NAT server and PPPoE capability for broadband Internet access, DHCP for automatic network setup, and a built-in firewall that secures the network from outside attacks and unauthorized access.

Dual FSXS and FXO Ports
The VOI-8003 is equipped with 4 FXS and FXO interface ports which allow users to plan a flexible telephone network that incorporates both PTSN and IP telephony. This gateway can be installed as the backbone for any small to medium sized business phone system or it can add VoIP telephony to and existing analogue PBX.

The 4 FXS ports connect to normal phones and Fax machines and allow users to make toll quality voice calls and send real-time faxes to other VoIP gateways and IP phones through the VOI-8003 gateway. The 4 FXO ports connect to the traditional PTSN company PBX and telephone lines. This allows VoIP devices to communicate with the ordinary telephone system.

Incorporating both these ports into one device, the VOI-8003 is able to act as a link between traditional analogue and IP networks in any exciting telephone system. The WAN port is the connection point between the gateway and the Internet that connects directly with an Internet Service Provider, a broadband router or a switch.

Advanced Features
With a built-in Firewall, NAT server PPPoE and DHCP capability, the VOI-8003 protects the VoIP network from outside attacks and unauthorized access, connects to any broadband Internet service provider and establishes automatic network set-up and network connectivity.

It is also possible to configure IP addresses for each device connected to the VOI-8003 to ensure that every host is connected to the Local Area Network.

The Quality of Service feature enables users to define priority data traffic, such as VoIP data packets, to receive faster transmission rights above other data packets to ensure a high-quality telephony network.
The VOI-8003 further comes equipped with Auto-Provision support for remote management, provides the ability to make both SIP and H.323 calls simultaneously, while various voice codec and fax algorithms allows for toll-quality voice calls and real-time fax transmissions.

It also includes carrier tone generation and detection, Caller ID generation and detection and standard echo cancellation and comfort noise generation as well as DTMF relay for both outbound in inbound calls.

Easy Deployment and Configuration
VOI-8003 is easy deployed within existing telephone systems and its Web browser management interface makes it easy to configure and manage the gateway’s settings.
LED indicators:
LAN, Power, Ready, Status, WAN
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
0 - 90%
Operating temperature (T-T):
0 - 45 °C
Storage temperature (T-T):
-20 - 75 °C
Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) ports:
Input voltage:
100 - 240
Management protocols:
Supported network protocols:
Firewall security:
MAC address filtering:
VPN support:
Voice codecs:
CNG, G.168, G.711a, G.723.1, G.726, G.729A, VAD