HP StorageWorks Enterprise File Services DL380-WSS Clustered Gateway

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The HP StorageWorks Enterprise File Services Clustered Gateway is a mid-range NAS file server gateway that can be configured into a cluster of EFS Clustered Gateway nodes. This clustering capability allows you to scale your file serving performance in a near linear fashion as nodes are added to an existing cluster. In the event of a node failure, all file serving is failed-over to the remaining nodes within the cluster with full data and cache read/write coherency. The EFS Clustered Gateway is a bundle consisting of a ProLiant Storage Server and the HP Clustered File System software. The EFS Clustered Gateway architecture is fully symmetrical meaning all nodes in the cluster see the same entire file system which means there are no hot-spots or performance bottlenecks. This solution has been tested and is being used in a wide variety of customer environments.