Fujifilm Zip Disk DOS 3.5" 100Mb

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Fujifilm's Zip™ disk incorporates exclusive ATOMM Technology and delivers 100,250, and 750 megabyte capacities at a transfer rate of up to 2.4 Mb/s! The full-function, complete-solution attributes of the Zip™ disk solve all data backup, storage and transport needs. It's perfect for running applications, multimedia presentations, spread sheets, music, games and transporting information between the office and home.

- Easy to use.
- High capacities.
- Range of application such as multi-media presentations, music and games.
Operating temperature (T-T):
5 - 45 °C
Data transfer rate:
1.4 Mbit/s
Storage capacity:
100 MB
Dimensions (WxDxH):
97 x 98.5 x 6 mm

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