Imation Turtle Case

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Imation Turtle cases are designed to protect magnetic tape cartridges during storage and transportation from damages resulting from electrostatic discharge, humidity, UV-radiation, airborne debris, shock and mechanical impacts.

Double Wall Construction
-Absorbs impact, reducing shock to the tapes.
-Provides insulation against extreme temperatures.

High Density Material
-Tough and lightweight polyethylene.
-No rust, no sharp edges.
-Excellent protection.
-Low cost to transport.
-No moisture.

Individual format specific slots
-Reduce media damage from shaking and rattling.

Vertical, upright positioning of media
-Prevents damage to the tapes.
-Protects your data.

Recessed smooth grip handles
-Easy to carry, easy to stack.

Self locking, double-strong latches
-Safe & lockable for added security.
Colour of product:
Memory type:
3480, 3490, 3590, 3590E
Cartridges quantity:
20 pc(s)