Imation DataGuard Transport & Storage Case

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As data cartridge capacities approach and surpass a terabyte, it’s more important than ever to provide optimal protection during transportation and storage. Imation's DataGuard™ Transport and Storage Case, the first terabyte-class storage case, provides the highest level of protection for your cartridges to help ensure the safety of vital company information.

Rugged and ultra durable, the Imation DataGuard Transport and Storage Case has been tested to outperform the leading storage cases in everyday use with two- to four-times the shock protection. Its design features a universal exterior case with two interchangeable inserts to accommodate a variety of cartridge formats, offering enhanced flexibility for multi-format cartridge users.

-First Terabyte-Class Case – The only terabyte-class tape cartridge transportation and storage case on the market.
-Shock Protection – Outperforms the leading storage cases with two- to four-times the G-force shock protection.
-Interchangeable Inserts – Slotted, cushioned inserts provide excellent protection, adaptability for changing tape library populations and can easily be replaced when necessary. Simply snap in and snap out.
-Press and Pull Latches – Help ensure strong hold upon impact and easy release at the push of a button.
-High Visibility – Available in bright yellow color to reduce the risk of misplacement, loss or theft.
-Debris Reduction – Foamless construction of inserts keeps cartridges free of dust and debris.
-Stackable – Cases interlock and stack neatly to help conserve valuable shelf or floor space.
-Water Resistant – Case will float and is leak-resistant.
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Enterprise, DLT, SDLT