Memorex 1996

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Memorex mini DVD cases safely store and protect all mini DVDs. The cases are made out of polypropylene, making them ultra-durable and lighter than normal polystyrene jewel cases. The mini DVD cases are crack resistant and shatter proof with the ability to withstand high impact and protect the disc from damage. The cases are translucent so you can easily see the contents of the case. Use the 5 colors - blue, green, yellow, purple, and red - to help organize your collection.

Product Features

- Store and protect all your 8 cm media
- Polypropylene mini DVD cases are ultra-durable and crack resistant
- Use 5 assorted colors to help organize your discs. Colors include blue, green, yellow, purple and red
Colour of product:
Blue, Green, Purple, Red, Yellow
Optical disc diameter:
8 cm

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