Sony 2.3GB 5.25" MO Disc

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-Advanced recording methods are achieved through reduced track pitch, increased recording density, expanded recording area, and the use of groove recor.
-The recording layer in Sony MO disks feature a Wide Margin design to accommodate variations in laser power in a broad range of usage environments.
-High precision stamper and substrate molding technology contribute to consistently stable performance.
-High output is maintained even after 10-million write/playback cycles, and estimated archival life is over 50 years, making these MO disks suitable fo.
-Sony's original cartridge design and robust parts achieve durability that withstand 100,000 insertion cycles per side.
-An original anti-static hard coat guards the disk surface against dust and scratches.
Bytes per sector:
Formatted recording capacity:
Unformatted recording capacity:
2300 MB
13.33 cm (5.25")

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