Sony 2.3 GB Magneto Optical

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Sony's advanced MO disks offer quick access and reduced cost per megabyte. They help satisfy the growing backup and near-line storage needs of video servers, multimedia, CAD/CAM, medical images, and pre-press applications.

High Reliable Suitable for a Variety of User Environments
The MO disk offers consistenly stable performance, thanks to the adoption of Sony´s own Wide Margin Recording Film, which can accomodate fluctuations in the laser power of a variety of user environments, as well as a high-precision stamper and molding technology. It also offers at least one million erase/record cycles and a reading life estimated at more than 50 years, making it suitable for long-term data preservation.
Superior Durability For Use in Auto-Changers
The use of Sony´s own cartridge design and mechanical parts gives the MO disk as many as 100,000 load/unload cycles per slide. Also, Sony´s original antistatic hard coat treatment cuts down on static electricity and protects the disk surface from scratches and dust.
WORM (Write Once Read Many)
WORM (Write Once Read Many) is a non-rewritable or erasable technology which let´s companies comply with a variety of government regulations.
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
3 - 85%
Operating temperature (T-T):
41 - 131 °F
Storage relative humidity (H-H):
3 - 90%
Storage temperature (T-T):
-10 - 55 °C
Bytes per sector:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
135 x 153 x 11 mm
Logical tracks:
Physical tracks:
Track pitch:
1.15 µm
Unformatted recording capacity:
2319 MB
13.33 cm (5.25")