Fujifilm 3.5" MF2HD, 10-Pk Black

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Durable, dependable and reliable. 100% tested for error-free performance, each Fujifilm disk is backed by a life-time warranty. Exclusive DRR Binder System, with embedded lubricants for consistent running and reliable performance. Anti-static design for proven durability even under dusty conditions. Continuous temperature reliability - rigorously beyond 30 million passes. BERIDOX Hyper HD technology uses fine magnetic particles on recording surfaces for exceptional output stability and recording resolution.

- Reliable and dependable.
- Low-cost back-up solution.
- DRR Binder system with embedded lubricants ensures consistent running.
Storage capacity:
2 MB
Colour of product:
Write methods:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
90 x 94 x 3.3 mm