Sony Media DVD

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- 2 layers on a single sided disc, it means a huge capacity of 2.6 Go per disc ! you can almost multiply by two your recording time (comparing with a disc of 1.4 Go)!
- Scratch Guard, Archival reliability, Stain resistant and Anti static. These 4 specifications developped by Sony ensure reliability of your 8cmDVD for recording, playing back and archival.
- Recording time in High Definition (AVCHD format) : from 27mn up to 60mn depending on quality choice (LP, SP, HQ, HQ+).
- Recording time in Standard Definition : from 35mn up to 110 mn depending on quality choice (LP, SP, HQ).
- Compatible for playback with Blu-ray players and PC (using a specific software given with your camcorder).
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
Native capacity:
2.6 GB
Optical disc diameter:
80 mm
Track pitch:
0.74 µm
Wobble frequency: