Fujifilm DVD+R 4.7GB 25-spindle 16x

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To achieve high-quality recording and a high level of durability, Fujifilm DVD+R discs utilize a high-performance dye material (Storage layer) which is ideal for mass storage and long archival life. Designed for personal or professional use, the Fujifilm DVD+R disc can record up to 4.7 GB or 120 minutes (standard mode) of video, high-resolution photo images and large data files. Highly compatible, the Fujifilm DVD+R discs can be played on almost all DVD players and DVD-ROM drives after they're recorded.

DVD+R at a glance
- Excellent compatibility with DVD-ROM drives and DVD player after recording.
- High capacity for video or mass data storage (4.7GB).
- Suitable for special contents that you don't want to miss by overwriting.
- Excellent reliability by FUJI's high sensitive dye for stable record and read.
- High speed writing for video or mass data recording (x1~x2.4).
- High reflectivity as DVD-ROM disc for stable record and read (45~85%).
- CAV recording for Fast Random Access.
- High frequency wobble for lossless linking.
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
DVD write speed:
Native capacity:
4.7 GB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording time:
120 min
Reflection rate:
45 - 85%
Track pitch:
0.74 µm

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