Fujifilm DVD-R 4,7Gb 50-spindle 16x

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The DVD-R/-RW disc with high capacity and ultimate reliability
DVD-R/-RW is the next-generation media that meets a wide range of DVD applications, from video and DVD-ROM mastering, to large volume data storage and distribution to digital video recording and PC applications. Plus Fujifilm's advanced technology is your assurance of a long shelf life with outstanding storage reliability.

Large Storage Capacity
With up to 4.7GB of data storage capacity (equivalent to the capacity of a single-sided DVD-ROM) - approximately 7 times the capacity of CD-R - Fujifilm DVD-R/-RW discs are the perfect medium for high volume data recording, archiving and playback.

Recording Stability and Outstanding Storage Reliability
A newly developed organic dye recording layer, together with precision molding technology, provide the DVD-R with extremely high density, excellent recording stability, and outstanding storage reliability. To achieve high-quality recording and a high level of durability, Fujifilm DVD-RW discs utilize a high-performance phase change material which is ideal for mass storage and long archival life.

Advanced Disc Bonding Technology Provides High Levels of Stability and Reliability
Unlike conventional optical discs, DVD-R/-RW discs are manufactured by bonding two 0.6mm substrate layers together. Fujifilm's unique bonding process eliminates warping of the two layers to ensure maximum reliability.

Fujifilm's “OXOLIFE” Dye Used in Fujifilm DVD-R Discs
The unique Oxonol-based photosensitive dye “OXOLIFE” created by Fujifilm is based on the Oxonol molecular structure identified from a vast research library created from Fujifilm experience with photographic chemical research and coating expertise. This new recording layer dye offers significant improvements in light fastness, moisture protection and compatibility while lowering the impact on the environment by introducing an organic compound to the DVD manufacturing process.
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
DVD write speed:
Native capacity:
4.7 GB
Optical disc diameter:
120 mm
Recording time:
120 min
Reflection rate:
45 - 85
Track pitch:
0.74 µm

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