Fujifilm DVD-R 4,7Gb 16x Labelflash Jewel Case 5 pack

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Customize the label side of your DVDs with the existing “data
recording laser.”

Labelflash™ utilizes existing laser for DVD data recording to burn image s by changing the blue dye color to colorless.

Labelflash™ system burns pictures directly into a special layer added to the label side of a DVD disc and eliminates the need for special printers, labels or pens.

High quality images on the disc label side

Fujifilm's newly developed dye for Labelflash™ realizes high contrast and high-resolution images. Consumers can choose picture-burning time from 5 min. to 20 min. in accordance with their quality needs.
Stable against vibration while burning pictures.
Labelflash™ utilizes newly developed laser, pick up and rotation control, and high-speed signal processing system for image data. And the newly developed Labelflash™ DVD disc structure realizes the optimal focusing setting because the picture-burning layer at 0.6mm deep into the media is the same depth as the data recording layer on the data side.

Longlasting titles and pictures on DVDs

- Fujifilm's newly developed dye for Labelflash™ realizes excellent durability and light fastness of the burned images.
- Images “burned” are more durable and stronger against scratches than those printed by printer and other printing systems because images are protected by a polycarbonate layer.

Compatible with 1X-16X data burning

Fujifilm DVD-R 1X-16X is compatible with “DVD-R for General Version 2.1 / 16X-SPEED DVD-R Revision 6” Specifications and compatible with most DVD Writers for Data Recording.
Disk thickness:
1.2 mm
Native capacity:
4.7 GB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording time:
120 min
Reflection rate:
Track pitch:
0.74 µm
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
10 - 95%
Operating temperature (T-T):
-5 - 55 °C

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