TDK DC4-120 blank data tape

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TDK data cartridges are high-density recording media products designed to function as seamless extensions of your organization's data network. Each cartridge's non-magnetic base layer is precision manufactured to provide a consistent foundation for the magnetic upper layer. The tape's remarkably consistent foundation ensures stable head contact for continuous high output. Precision formulations and advanced media manufacturing technologies ensure the preservation of your organization's important data.

TDK Data Cartridge recording media products incorporate Super Finavinx metal magnetic particles for bit-accurate recording and ultra-smooth output characteristics. Super Finavinx technology has been developed and refined over many years to realize the formulation's unprecedented data accuracy. Innovative binder technologies protect the tape that stores your data, while high precision cartridges ensure a stable tape run and superior data integrity.
Total storage capacity:
4 GB
Compressed capacity:
8 GB
Tape type:
Tape length:
Tape size:
4 mm

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