Sony Super DLT-1 320GB Tape

В наявності
Holds up to 320GB, with 32MB/s transfer speed
Using the SDLT320 drive, a single Super DLT cartridge can store 160GB native or 320GB compressed, with impressively fast data transfer rates reaching 16MB/s native or 32MB/s compressed.

*With the SDLT220 drive, capacity is 110GB native, 220GB compressed and transfer speed is 11MB/s native and 22MB/s compressed.

Higher durability and tape travel stability
Thanks to a new cartridge design, Sony Super DLTtape has the durability to withstand repeated load/unload cycles in library environments. The new cartridge also contributes to improved tape travel stability.
Sharply reduced error rate
Sony sharply reduced the error rate during high density recording by improving tape surface smoothness and using a thinner magnetic layer, both of which are key to higher storage capacity in magnetic tape media.
First optical servo in the industry
Increased recording track density is essential to higher storage capacity. Super DLT features the industry's first optical servo technology, providing the tracking precision that is crucial to reading these narrower tracks.
Migration path to the future
While maintaining compatibility with previous-generation DLT products, the Super DLTtape format offers continuing improvements in recording capacity. This migration path means a long-term storage platform that you can use with confidence.
Coercive force:
151 kA/m
Tape type:
Tracks quantity:
Tape length:
559 m
Tape size:
1.27 cm
Tape thickness:
8.8 µm
275 g