Imation Ultrium LTO 5

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mation Ultrium LTO 5 Cartridge Labeled with Case

Featuring 1.5TB of native storage (3.0TB of compressed storage) and data transfer rates of up to 280MB/second, Imation Ultrium LTO 5 tape cartridges provide key improvements over prior tape generations. Enhancements in servo technology and increased data compression ensure the same length of tape can store more information, enabling IT managers to accommodate growth in primary storage without expanding the data center’s footprint.

Ultrium LTO 5 tape cartridges also include a new partitioning functionality that lets users see what information is stored on the tape. This feature enables nearline applications to index data and allows for faster searches via enhanced file control and space management.
Compressed transfer rate:
280 MB/s
Cartridge load/Unload cycles:
Compressed capacity:
3072 GB
Data compression:
Native capacity:
1500 GB
Tape life:
30 year(s)
Tape type:

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