Imation 9840 Black Watch - 20/160GB

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Combining expertise in drive & media technologies

Co-developed exclusively with StorageTek, Imation Black Watch™ 9840 and 9940 Tape Cartridges are designed to be an integral part of any growing enterprise data management solution, striking the perfect balance between high capacity and performance, together with low cost of ownership. Featuring a revolutionary, completely internal tape path design with the familiar 3480-based form factor, Black Watch™ 9840 and 9940 half-inch tape cartridges draw on Imation's 50-plus year history in tape manufacturing and development to the full.

With a fast average access time of 12 seconds, they deliver network-friendly speed combined with enterprise-strength reliability. The 9940 system can also co-exist with other families of StorageTek drives, which means optimum flexibility in managing multiple applications.


- Average access time of 12 seconds (based on average first access, including load time).
- SCSI, ESCON and fibre channel connectivity.
- Fast load times, factory-recorded servo tracks, & easy automation.
- Imation proprietary backcoating protects against static electricity, impressions & scratches, absorbs debris safely to minimise errors and reduces inter-layer slippage for uniform signal output.

Increase transfer speed and double your current 9840 media capacity with the new StorageTek T9840C Drive. It provides higher throughput, faster data access, and greater storage.
Colour of product:
Total storage capacity:
20 GB
Compressed capacity:
160 GB
Tape type:
Tape Cartridge
Tape size:
1.25 cm