IBM DLT IV Tape Cartridge

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Faster and More Reliable Media
The advent of multimedia technology has contributed to the spread of the Information Age. As a result, there is a growing demand for highercapacity, faster and more reliable media products. With the same technology used to develop 3.5-inch floppy disks, CDs, MOs and countless other formats, Sony responds quickly to the needs of the market by supplying highly reliable media. Sonys data media safely and accurately stores ever increasing volumes of data. We offer a full lineup of products that make use of the latest technology to accomodate a wide range of applications and ensure that every storage need is met with the highest level of quality and reliability possible.

Innovative Cartridge Mechanism
Chosen for mission-critical systems by U.S. government agencies and the financial industry, DLT tape drives are widely used for rapid backup of network server and workstation data. Also ideal for data-intensive multimedia applications such as DVD mastering, this format offers massive capacity, rapid transfer speed, and quick file access.

Fast High-Capacity Performance
A single DLT tape IV cartridge has a native capacity of 40GB(up to 80GB compressed), and a data transfer rate of 5MB/s (up to 10MB/s compressed) using the top-ofthe-line DLT7000 drive. Adaptive cache buffering, multiple heads, longitudinal serpentine tracks, and high tape speed all contribute to this high level of performance.

Low Wear on Tape and Heads
An advanced binder system minimizes tape and headwear, helping to ensure reliability even after 1,000,000 passes. Also contributing to the medias long life are the DLT drive's sophisticated tape tension servo control system and the low-contact, gentle tape path, in which only the back of the tape touches the guide rollers.

High Data Integrity
With a bit error rate of only one in 10-17, DLT is the answer for mission-critical applications. Precision tape manufacturing technology evokes the full potential of DLT for high-reliability backup. Strict quality control and an ongoing accelerated testing program also ensure long-term archival stability.

Outstanding Format Compatibility
All DLT systems are designed to be backward compatible, thereby protecting your data when migrating to a higher capacity system.
Colour of product:
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
20 - 80%
Operating temperature (T-T):
50 - 113 °F
Total storage capacity:
20 GB
Tape type:

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