Fujitsu MBK-L Media 9840 cartridge

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The StorageTek® 9840 tape cartridge was designed concurrently with the StorageTek T9840 tape drives to provide fast access to data and storage of up to 20 gigabytes of uncompressed data on a single cartridge. With an average access time of just 12 seconds, these cartridges help you get to your data faster than you would with any other tape technology.

Offline processing
Fast-access T9840 tape drives with 9840 tape cartridges provide a cost-efficient option to disk for offline processing applications.

Backup and restore
Using 9840 tape cartridges with T9840 tape drives for backup and restore shortens backup and recovery times and improves system response time. 9840 tape cartridges preserve data through the most strenuous reading, writing and retention processes.

Fixed content storage
StorageTek tape libraries can act as a high-volume agent for fast access to fixed content data, using VolSafe® secure media technology-enabled T9840 tape drives and 9840 tape cartridges. This solution comprises an active archive for regulated data and has been used worldwide since 2000 by customers, to help meet their compliance requirements.
Archival storage life:
15 year(s)
Dimensions (WxDxH):
109 x 125 x 25.4 mm
Total storage capacity:
20 GB
Tape durability:
80000 pass(es)
Tape type:
Tape Cartridge