Fujitsu 9940

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The StorageTek® 9940 tape cartridge was designed with StorageTek T9940 tape drives to store up to 200 gigabytes of uncompressed data, or up to 400 gigabytes with 2:1 data compression, on a single cartridge. This ultra-high capacity makes the 9940 cartridge ideal for your high-volume archiving, backup and disaster recovery applications.

Disaster recovery
9940 cartridges with T9940 tape drives are an integral part of enterprise disaster recovery processes that remotely vault data in tape form. 9940 tape cartridges have the durability and longevity required to keep vaulted data safe over its life.

9940 tape cartridges with T9940 tape drives are the high-capacity option for enterprise archiving systems requiring highly-reliable, long-term storage. When implemented with VolSafe® secure media technology, this solution provides a cost-effective, proven technology, for off-site or on-site backup copies that support your regulatory compliance.

Backup and restore
Using 9940 cartridges with T9940 tape drives for backup and restore shortens backup and recovery times with high transfer rates and fewer cartridge mounts and dismounts. 9940 tape cartridges preserve data through the most strenuous reading, writing and retention processes.
Archival storage life:
15 year(s)
Dimensions (WxDxH):
109 x 125 x 25.4 mm
Total storage capacity:
200 GB
Tape durability:
80000 pass(es)
Tape type:
Tape Cartridge

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