Fujifilm QG 112M 2.3Gb

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Consistent Reduction of Error Rates
In pursuit of lower error rates as a major requirement in tape performance, a super-smooth magnetic surface was developed, which eliminates errors originating in marginal losses in spacing to a head, which means great progress in the error rate characteristics.

Stable Output over Entire Range from Metal Technology
Thanks to the "New Super-Fine Metallix", the high-output magnetic component in the superfine-particle metal especially developed for computer media, all D-8 models now feature a high stable output of +1.0 dB over the entire range of recording frequencies in comparison to a reference tape. These are tapes that can be depended on for use with high-density recording systems.

High-Level Durability and Weatherproof Performance
The newly-improved binder system in the three-dimensional mesh structure makes it possible to keep the magnetic particles dispersed more stably and uniformly. In addition, the clean-tape design minimizes increases in errors resulting from repeated use. This performance is the proof of our rich experience and advanced technology unequalled by other makers.

Original Dust-Proof Design
SDR back coating is now also applied to the D-8. Furthermore, the original dust-proof design prevents the entry of dust and dirt. As a result, stable operation ot the D-8 data system with its complex tape travel is ensured.
Total storage capacity:
2.3 GB
Tape type:
Tape length:
Tape size:
8 mm
Tape thickness:
10 µm