Fujifilm LTO Ultrium G5 1.5 TB

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Fujifilm’s new LTO Ultrium™ G5 data cartridge has a capacity of 3.0 TB (at 2.1 compression, 1.5 TB native) This has been achieved using Fujifilm’s improved proprietary NANOCUBIC™ technology, recording 1,280 data tracks within a 12.65mm tape width. With the utilisation of multi-channel recording technology, the LTO G5 data cartridge features transfer rates of up to 280MB/s (at 2.1 compression, 140MB/s native)

The advancement of NANOCUBIC™ technology has achieved higher recording density using the following key technologies:

- Development of finer metal particles (78% of the size of LTO G4)
- Nano-dispersion technology with new binder system
- Advanced nano-coating technology, achieving smoother and more unified magnetic layer, resulting in significant decrease in tape surface defects.
Compressed transfer rate:
280 MB/s
Transfer rate:
140 MB/s
Colour of product:
Operating relative humidity (H-H):
10 - 80%
Operating temperature (T-T):
10 - 45 °C
Data tracks number:
Dimensions (WxDxH):
102 x 105.4 x 21.5 mm
Total storage capacity:
1.5 GB
WORM capability:
Compressed capacity:
3 GB
Tape type:
Tape length:
846 m
Tape size:
1.27 cm
Tape thickness:
6.4 µm

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