TDK CD-RW 4-12x Jewel Case

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TDK Life on Record CD-RW rewritable recording media is designed for recording in computer drives. With 700MB capacity, each TDK CD-R can store up to 80 minutes of non-compressed, CD-quality music, hundreds of digital photos or large data files. These high performance discs can be played in most CD or DVD/CD players, computer drives, and game consoles. A single TDK CD-RW can be re-recorded with new data hundreds of times, making it ideal for any application where you may want to replace a disc's old data with updated content. Repeatedly use the same disc for regularly scheduled hard drive backups, to make fresh music and MP3 mixes for the road, and more.

For certified performance and reliability, TDK CD-RW media is formulated, manufactured and tested to the world's highest standards.
Native capacity:
700 MB
Optical disc diameter:
120 mm
Recording time:
80 min
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