Memorex Inkjet Printable CD-R 80 25 Pack Cakebox

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Memorex 52X CD-R offer the ideal solution for recording a wide variety of digital files including valuable data, precious photos, favourite music and video clips. And with a printable white disc surface suitable for inkjet printing, Print CD-R are ideal for high quality customisation.

CD-R media are write-once media, ideal for archiving, as recorded files cannot be erased. Discs can be recorded in one session or files can be added over a period of time. Once recorded, CD-R discs act as CD-ROM discs and can be read in most regular CD drives or players.

Some older drives may need a firmware upgrade to be able to use 52X media, downloadable from the drive manufacturer’s website. 52X media is not designed for use at 1X & 2X speeds.
CD write speed:
Native capacity:
700 MB

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