Memorex 20 CD-R Light Scribe

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Create custom, color CD disc designs

Memorex LightScribe Cool Colors CD media delivers stunning, laser-etched designs right on the disc surface, now with five vibrant, jewel-toned backgrounds. Create photo, music and data CDs with custom disc prints featuring red, orange, yellow, blue and green backgrounds using the fastest way to burn silkscreen-quality disc prints.

With Memorex LightScribe media and a LightScribe-enabled optical drive, you can create custom labels using photos, graphics and text, and then inscribe the designs directly onto the specially coated, scratch-resistant discs. Simply burn the data side of the disc as usual, then flip the disc over and use the same drive to burn a custom label. Memorex’s LightScribe Cool Colors CDs offer maximum data recording speeds, faster label creation and enhanced disc print images.

Product Features

- Burn text and graphics directly onto the label side of specially coated Cool Color LightScribe discs
- LightScribe disc labels are long lasting, scratch-resistant and don’t take up data space
- Inscribe directly to disc using LightScribe enabled CD drives
- As easy as Burn-Flip-Burn
- Perfect for archiving data files and music
- 5 colors included: red, orange, yellow, blue, and green
CD write speed:
Native capacity:
700 MB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording time:
80 min
Package type: