Imation 10 x CD-RW 700MB

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Imation CD-RW (rewritable) media is the complete answer to all your data organisation requirements with the reassurance that you get when you buy from one of the World’s leading blank media manufacturers Whether you need it for temporary storage or large file transport, database backups or permanent archiving, this highly reliable format features the convenience of rewritability, noise-free playback and compatibility: CD-RW discs can be read on standard CD-R/CD-RW drives, as well as MultiRead drives such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, and rewritable DVD.

Fast write speeds normally associated with CD-R media, can be achieved using “High-Speed” media - up to 10x, and with “Ultra-Speed” media - up to 24x. To benefit from these higher speeds, you will need to write to these discs using compatible CD-RW drives, featuring the High Speed or Ultra Speed logos.

Reasons to buy
-A complete, flexible data storage solution.
-Tried and tested technology.
-Manufactured by the world leader in data storage.

-Up to 700MB capacity or 80 minutes of recording time.
-Rewritable up to 1,000 times on the same disc.
-CD-RW High Speed (4x – 10x) write compatible with CD-RW High Speed drives; read-compatible with CD-RW drives and multi-read CD-ROM drives.

Ad copy
For fast, reliable, and convenient storage, look no further than Imation CD-RW. Record at up to 24x and rewrite up to 1,000 times, it’s the perfect choice for so many storage applications from the brand trusted by more businesses than any other.
CD write speed:
Native capacity:
700 MB
Optical disc diameter:
12 cm
Recording time:
80 min
Package type:

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